Family owned versatile brand for the dynamically modern woman

GOODMATCH is a 100% Italian women’s wear with a rich history that dates back fifty years. The story begins in 1964 in a large country house, with a newly married young woman from Emilia, who knew sporting goods and had the skills of a seamstress. The company was built on the ability to evolve over time, by making necessary choices that have allowed it to stay up to date, without forgetting the fundamental values that have made it so reputable.

For GOODMATCH it comes down to experience, tradition, craftsmanship, and quality. The result is a refined, elegant, colorful, and versatile product, ideal for the contemporary, dynamic woman, who doesn’t need to change her wardrobe every six months. No frills-practicality is the foundation of the collection. The GOODMATCH woman is perfectly at ease — from her day at the office to attending a cocktail party, from a work meeting to a date at the movies or dinner, all she needs to do is have a change of shoes, the right accessories, jewelry, and the look is complete.

Working with select fabrics that can perform, and are versatile, practical, and light, to create a ‘union’ of sorts, which draws on highly innovative technological research to guarantee the combination of wool and neoprene, wool and viscose, wool and faux fur, and to provide innovative and unexpected solutions. This simple, yet sophisticated revolution is also applied to elegant, rich textures such as tartan, with additional details that can include patchwork flowers, geometric patterns, and lines. The brand’s soulful, feminine, contemporary, and dynamic, style is reflected in the name and its DNA, and a ‘good match’ between artisanal tradition and innovation.

At GOODMATCH it is always the right season to wear a garment that makes you feel yourself and move in the city you love most. In Milan, Parma, or London, a blazer is indispensable, so is a trench coat, which can take you anywhere.  Each season puts the focus on a different color, to enrich your wardrobe and become part of your style. The range of available fabrics is ideal for daywear and evening.  At GOODMATCH the attention on details is what makes the brand original and unique. Designed for women who are looking for comfortable, every day fabrics, paired with something unique.

GOODMATCH looks to the past, to a tradition spanning more than 50 years, as well as the future, to come up with combinations for products that are 100% Made in Italy, with fabrics selected to last over time. Combining craftsmanship with new solutions, which include recycled fibers and an eco-friendly, sustainable production.  In 2018 the brand opened its first store in Parma, which was followed by one in Forte dei Marmi in 2019. Distributed throughout the best multi-brand stores in Italy, GOODMATCH also exports to Spain, Germany, US, Canada and Russia through a network of exclusive retailers that understand and appreciate this unique Made in Italy women’s wear line.