Creating statement trousers for women since 1969

Since its inception forty-five years ago, Gironacci 1969 has become the epitome of Made in Italy excellence and a leading brand in the international fashion industry. To this day, the brand remains a zenith of creative vision and dedication brought to life by its founder’s skilled hands and heart: Arduino Gironacci. The brand offers quality collections of exceptional taste, often used as an international design reference point, earning the global fashion community’s respect.Commitment to quality and skilled craftsmanship are deeply rooted in the brand’s long standing mission. From this mindset, Gironacci transformed his small family business into an industry leader, all while consistently producing the same quality garments that continue to entice and complement—bestowing those who wear Gironacci 1969 with a sense of comfort, confidence, and above all, captivation.

Throughout the brand’s growth and success, its founder has not lost sight of the values that led to his success. Today, the firm employs more than one hundred people, makes half a million Made in Italy garments every year, and remains committed to offering high-quality, handcrafted selections crafted from the finest materials. Each item is designed to be beautiful, comfortable, and, above all, accessible. An appetite for surprising and captivating his audience runs deep in Arduino Gironacci, and this is, without a doubt, what makes each Gironacci 1969 item so unique and truly special. It is the secret to the brand’s success—a passion and love for artisanal clothing design and the world of excellence. To Arduino Gironacci, real success is found in being able to make his clients feel their absolute best when dressed in his clothes.

Today, Gironacci 1969 is a modern and dynamic family-owned company. It carries forward a commitment to not only creative inspiration but also an intent to find new innovative ways of thinking and doing, a well-balanced mix of technology and tradition, ensuring a thoughtful approach along each step of the design and production process. GIRONACCI 1969 is a symbol of skilled Italian craftsmanship, the idiom of modern times. An apex of Made in Italy inspiration, which expresses its values in the form of quality, innovation, and exclusive materials.

Gironacci 1969 offers it all—from elegant dress-slacks for the sophisticated woman who pays attention to details like texture and feel to a sportswear collection for the dynamic and practical woman who prefers comfortable and fashionable jeans and casual trousers.

Gironacci 1969 collections share common elements of true Made in Italy style: a love for handcrafted artistry, careful attention to design, and stylish elegance. With a pledge to these fundamental beliefs, Gironacci 1969 continues to research and invest in innovative technologies, materials, and techniques. At the heart of the Gironacci brand work ethic live some simple, yet significant core values—service, respect for the client, customer satisfaction, careful selection of the raw fabrics, attention to the finest detail, and skilled design techniques based on timeless traditions—each, a cornerstone infused with the innovative Made in Italy maxim.