Stylish hats with a timeless retro feel

Established in Tuscany in 1944 by their grandfather, the Gi'n'Gi family tradition of refined hat making is carried forward today by sisters Francesca and Ginevra with the utmost care. Every step in the Gi'n'Gi design and production process is guaranteed 100% handmade in Italy, as a result of their dedication to the milliner craft. Throughout history, the hat has made its mark as the ultimate accessory and often necessity. Eternally unique in style, a hat offers protection, safety, warmth, and also empowerment, seduction, confidence, and a chameleon-like spirit. Put on a hat and change your way of being in the world—it’s all up to you and your carefully curated collection of hats.

Sought out internationally by designers and high-profile brands in the fashion industry, the sisters welcome close collaboration in every aspect of hat production. From research and development of new styles and trends to sample creation and unique one-of-a-kind constructs for special events. The sisters enjoy experimenting as well as exploring new creative ideas in order to meet the needs of each individual client. A twisted textile paper Fedora; a straw cowboy with adjustable leather closure; a raffia crochet cloche with intricate seaming; a linen bucket with hemp detail; or a simple yet elegant linen hairband with bow.

Every season, new creations come to life in the Gi'n'Gi laboratories: the result of a long-standing admiration for classic and timeless style and the brand’s inherent curiosity for new shapes and new fabrics inspired by modern innovations. The deep love for the land is the Gi'n'Gi leitmotif—the thread that runs deep throughout the core of the brand—Tuscany inspires each creation with its nuances and textures. When you put on a Gi'n'Gi hat, you are wearing the golden color of Tuscan flowers, the vibrant green of the hillsides, or the cool blue of an untouchable winter sky.

Reborn each season, Gi'n'Gi hat collections offer a kaleidoscope of unique styles for every taste and personality. Warm earthen hues inspire the 2021 collection shades in beige, sand, and clay for Panama and straw hats with summer bands. Colder shades of cloudy gray and light blue sky, while waterproofed and made from modern technical materials, are dedicated to summer storms. Favored by artists, influencers, and shade seekers the world over, the Gi’n’Gi hat is an expression of personality, innovation, and often classic timeless style.

Remaining true to its family tradition, each step in the Gi’n’Gi manufacturing process is conducted in-house: from designing and fabric selection to cutting and placement, each stitch, each measurement is meticulously managed by a member of the Gi’n’Gi milliner team. The Gi'n'Gi collection offers contemporary designs proudly connected to their long-standing family tradition and the Tuscan landscape from which they draw inspiration. A fundamental objective of the brand is to offer hat models capable of differentiating themselves with elegance no matter the season; a hat that goes everywhere, renews itself, and evolves with its wearer through time.