Tailor made shirts exuding traditional craftsmanship and artisanal expertise

Lucia Pasin founded Fray in 1962 in the center of Bologna, Italy. The first Fray shirt was considered immediately to be a work of art, finished with painstaking attention to every last detail. At the time, traditional tailoring trades were seen as an expression of local artisan skill built from a life-long dedication to the craft. Today, 50 years later, nothing has changed. The Fray Italy brand continues its long-standing devotion to each stitch in the same quest for perfection. A philosophy that reflects the brand founder’s commitment to quality along with the loyal staff who have worked with her over the years.

Rooted in the firm belief that a quality shirt comes from perfection in every detail—soft or stiff, using the exclusive turnover technique—the collar and cuff of each Fray Shirt is finished to the customer’s exact requirements. Company output, which has grown over the years in response to international demand, has remained faithful to its basic principles. Its staff of skilled tailors creates shirts with the same passion as ever, and with the same painstaking care and love for the shirt-making profession. Fray Italy can meet almost any request: lined fronts for lighter fabrics, elaborate initials and emblems that are meticulously embroidered by hand. All stitching is performed using special ultra-fine needles that allow up to 10 stitches every centimeter, for an unmistakable refinement and finished look.

Fray’s carefully curated selection of thread makes a subtle difference that personalizes and enhances each garment. The brand draws from a rich collection of fine fabrics from Italian manufacturers, extremely high thread count cotton (fineness 170 – 300), voile, elegant linens with exclusive designs, and the celebrated Sea Island cotton. During shirts’ assembly, every section—sides, sleeves, collars, and cuffs—is cut individually by hand, using cardboard models according to the line chosen by the Fray customer, to match the fabric grain and also to guarantee continuity of the pattern.

The stitching on the shoulders, sides, wrist slits, and front buttonhole bands is all performed with skilled precision. The sleeves are set and tacked by hand, a technique that allows Fray to create variable-width stitching that gradually decreases, creating a feel and wearability that is hard to achieve with an automatic production process. On request, buttonholes are made by hand, and all our buttons are made exclusively from Australian mother-of-pearl, specially thickened, cleaned on the back, and finely rounded on the edges to make buttoning-up easier.

In the last steps of production, each Fray shirt is hand ironed to perfection, inspected one last time, individually wrapped, and placed in its prestigious box recognized by aficionados the world over. The final product goes beyond mere pleasantries. The entire presentation represents purity of style, detail, and a dedication to a proven bespoke style that remains unchallenged. To this day, the Fray Italy brand philosophy remains true to its roots, a tradition that guarantees long-standing and new customers alike will find the same trusted, classic elegance in each high-quality Fray shirt.