Handmade shoes epitomizing italian craftsmanship

For four generations, the Franceschetti family has turned its passion and commitment to design, craftsmanship, and innovation into a long-standing and trusted family heritage committed to high-quality handcrafted Italian footwear. Located in Montegranaro, in the Marche region of Italy—a small town internationally known for the skilled residents who live and work there—the Franceschetti facility produces shoes to exacting standards, each handcrafted by specialized local craftsmen who employ generations of know-how. The renowned love story of the handmade Italian shoe and the people of the Montegranaro territory is known around the world.

Since 1920, the Franceschetti family has been offering quality Italian footwear for the discerning modern man. From formal to casual, from the business shoe to the refined sneaker, Franceschetti quality moves effortlessly from the boardroom to the street café. For the Franceschetti man, hand-antiqued and hand-polished leather loafers, braided uppers, and leather sneakers with ultra-flex rubber soles lend a striking balance between summer comfort and the allure of sophistication. Leather double-buckle styles combine functionality and elegance distinguished by the double buckle detail.

Playful summer Breton sailor stripes of navy blue and white, reminiscent of casual espadrilles, call to mind days by the sea, the sand, and endless beach holidays. Muted tones of beige and white bring to mind the indifferent yet impeccably purposeful casual style of linen. With its mix of warm and natural colors, Franceschetti is your go-to for intelligent style and approachable luxury. Whether it’s the drape of a cuff or the tattered hem of a well-loved pair of jeans, the understated style of the Franceschetti shoe always matches your mood. Each pair is an authentic yet primary accessory, offering the full advantage of all-day comfort without the rigidity of a formal dress code.

Ultra-flex rubber soles combined with suede uppers lend tasteful elegance to casual sneakers, loafers with tassels, and double monks with a fringe. A carefully curated collection offered in classic tones of white, blue, and dark brown.  Leather soles are designed to ensure maximum comfort. The Sacchetto and the double-stitching Blake Rapid Flex construction methods ensure lightness and daily comfort, adding flexibility to the sole, improving the quality and strength of the stitching, and removing stiffness. Since 1920, when the great-grandfather Adelio started crafting men’s shoes made entirely by hand in his little shop nearby his house in Montegranaro, Italy, the artisanal Franceschetti shoe factory has been making history founded on Italian quality.

From inception, to design, to packaging, Franceschetti shoes undergo more than 200 steps in the production process. The Patina finish on both formal and casual shoes is polished with passion, each a work of art. The final result: a shoe with transformative shades and depth of color that merge to enhance the quality grain of the leather. Today, craftsmanship, attention to detail, design, manufacture, and service standards are the foundation of the Franceschetti brand philosophy, aimed to enhance an enduring Italian product that speaks to a core of tradition, style, and comfort for today’s modern footwear aficionado.