Unique sailor-style ready to wear collection

Founded in 1979, Fly 3 is the entrepreneurial inspiration of ​​Luciano Bilancioni. Combining a passion for sailing with Made in Italy craftsmanship, Luciano developed a water-repellent, washable, and pilling-resistant yarn. Over the years, and with the aid of expert knitters, Luciano has updated several handmade processes to create a high-quality knitwear collection with nautical style that endures. Throughout the brand’s history, Fly 3 has patented yarns with innovative features resulting in several international awards. In 1981, the collection was expanded with Flytex, a new high-quality waterproof and breathable fabric for jackets, shirts, trousers, and accessories. By 1983, Fly 3 was recognized as the best manufacturer of superwash yarns, and from that moment forward, whether sweater, cap, or shoe, every item in the Fly 3 collection is machine washable.

In 1989, in an effort to achieve ever-greater comfort and quality, Fly 3 launched its exclusion Fusion line after 10-plus years of researching wool, cotton, and hemp combinations. The result, an award-winning fabric blend that is water repellent, washable, and dyed using a unique dying process to create its signature Fusion effect. An enduring strong point of Fly 3 knitwear is the reversible stitches without seams, sporting wool on one side and cotton on the other, all obtained with special spinning machines. The patented 2Shade dyeing process joins two different colors with a bleached effect offering a maritime appearance.

The seamless, bicolor sweaters are also reversible—two souls, one sweater. The same sweater can be worn for more formal occasions, or reversed for water-repellency during sporting pursuits. The updated fit gives every Fly 3 jersey enduring comfort and freedom of movement that only a seamless knit can provide.

The addition of a special weatherproofing treatment makes the garments breathable and hyper resistant to the elements. The use of precious wools on one side combined with comfortable cotton on the other allows the use of knitwear in all conditions—blue sky days or stormy seas, refined formal gatherings, or endless strolling of city streets. The perfect synergy between the treatment of the yarns and quality guarantees water repellency for outdoor use and achieves pleasant results in the fit of the garment. Giving way to an unusual balance between the art of manufacturing and the technical expertise of specialized workers.

By adopting a for-all-seasons mantra, Fly 3 now produces sweaters with the softest cashmere, cotton, and bamboo threads that boast all-day features fit for any sojourn. The knit is breathable, antibacterial, UV-resistant, extremely soft, and bestows a relaxing feeling. As in the sport of sailing, perfection can be found not by adding more but by realizing, there is nothing left to be taken away. Over the years, the Fly 3 collection has evolved by becoming lighter, seamless, and above all, retaining its signature wool threads. In fact, it is advised to wash every Fly 3 knitwear product in the washing machine to recompose the fiber and revive the colors. Fly 3 knitwear has proven to be the industry-leading interpreter of super-washable yarns—a tribute to Fly 3’s 30-year long entrepreneurial history.