Unparalleled style and comfort come together in a revolutionary sneaker line

New from Thierry Rabotin and the art of shoemaking, introducing the Fifty-12 Project – an innovative, dynamic sneaker vision. Be comfy, be stylish, be Fifty-12. Absolutely irresistible shoes... and who says that a pair of sneakers cannot be a symbol of seduction? Having grown up on the playing fields, athletic tracks, and training gyms of Europe, the Schlecht brothers, Andreas and Thomas, set out to make the comfort of athletic shoes available in an elegant high-end sneaker. To do so, they joined creative forces with Thierry Rabotin (TR) to offer the Fifty-12 collection.

The result? The ultimate merger—generations of shoemaking experience, carefully selected materials, meticulous attention to construction and form—all come together to create the ideal combination of maximum style and comfort in an alluring pair of kicks. The most revolutionary element of the Fifty-12 sneaker is the use of a Poron Slow Rebound insole which provides unparalleled cushioning and impact reduction. Coupled with the Fin Project Extra Light sole and the finest quality Italian leather uppers, the Fifty-12 project provides a sneaker experience unlike any other in the marketplace.

The Schlecht brothers believe that to create a better future we must understand and appreciate what has come before. The Three Blue Line logo of Fifty-12 represents the three founding members of TR: Thierry Rabotin and his partners Giovanna Ceolini, and Karl Schlecht who together, in 1999, launched a footwear collection that challenged the concept that one must relinquish style for comfort. From the brand launch, Thierry Rabotin wanted to merge the unmistakable elegance and TR style with a one-of-a-kind comfort, to convey a new sneaker concept to fans. Today, The Fifty-12 Project takes this concept to ever greater heights.

The Fifty-12 line is characterized by sophisticated materials and striking shapes, a mood that is elegantly casual and quietly confident, as well as suitable for every occasion. The crowning glory in the collection can be found in the Poron Slow Rebound insole of these sneakers, which guarantees a never-before-seen level of comfort. Produced from state- of-the-art memory foam, it ensures an unequalled level of shock absorption. Accordingly, Fifty-12 manages to combine the comfort of athletic shoes with an elegant high-end sneaker. The company explains the concept as an evolution of TR, which is rooted in the brand’s philosophy.

The extremely soft lambskin lining is the clearest confirmation of this, since it is the same one used in the main TR product line, as well as in the three blue lines that represent the three TR founders: Karl, Giovannac, and Thierry Rabotin. Without history there can be no future. For Fifty-12, it is unthinkable to not identify as a new branch of Thierry Rabotin, with the goal of sustainable growth and to eventually diversify from the original brand, both in terms of style and product type. All while remaining true to its TR roots founded in the certainty that customers have an unequalled sense of comfort and the ever-present feeling of walking barefoot.