Artisanally crafted hats for unconventional individuals

You don’t need to be big to do great things. The Ferruccio Vecchi story begins at the crossroads of four small Italian villages located in the region Marche: Montappone, Massa Fermana, Falerone, and Monte Vidon Corrado. Rooted in the territory, Ferruccio Vecchi has successfully built a reputation as one of the finest producers of handmade Italian hats for Men and Women. For more than thirty years, Ferruccio, Sr., along with his son Romano and grandson Ferruccio, Jr., have produced Men’s and Women’s hats reflective of their cultural heritage, a foundation built on innovation fused with cutting-edge fashion channeling creative inspiration.

Ferruccio Vecchi hats are the mark of an ancient skill which has been handed down for generations, the result being handcrafted and enduring quality. Innovation, tradition, and experimentation are the keywords of Ferruccio Vecchi’s newest line, STUDIO. The historic hat maker joins creative forces with the designer Francesca to create a label that mixes the latest fashion trends and the use of precious materials. In the STUDIO universe, the hat is no longer just a simple accessory, but is elevated to a piece of art, studied to the smallest detail.

Straw, raffia, felt and natural fabrics are reinterpreted through the use of purposeful shapes, accessories, studs, ribbons, chains, and hand-made paintings. The appeal is feminine but, at the same time, unconventional and rebellious. Craftspeople trained in the traditions of the region meticulously make each hat by hand, carefully selecting the natural fires, yarns, and fabrics. Each Ferruccio hat brings to life rich stories, founded on thoughtful beginnings. They're encounters with unexplored worlds, new experiences, and innovative technologies, which combine with centuries of tradition to make small works of art.

Alluring black straw hats with an asymmetric brim and edged with grosgrain ribbon beckon the inquisitive yet cautious approach. Or the ultimate in self-expression, hand painted straw hats with chinstrap ribbons. Together, each Ferruccio hat contains a unique story: your story. The expertise of the Ferruccio Vecchi artisans, the meticulous precision of their practice, and the strength of the entire Italian production process, combine with the use of high-quality materials to make each Ferruccio Vecchi hat a discerning collector’s item to be enjoyed for over a lifetime.

Fashion gives rise to trends. Ferruccio Vecchi combines centuries-old traditions rooted in the landscape and history of the region where a hat is never just a hat, but a distinguished ritual, an emblem of the creative life—the ultimate expression of the genuine individual. Ferruccio Vecchi hats are not just any hats. They're stories, they're encounters, they're the people that wear them.