Neapolitan handmade ties since 1935

Errico Formicola started his haute couture tailoring career in 1971 while working as a salesman at Mariano Rubinacci, a world-renowned atelier of handmade Neapolitan sartorial suits. Since that time, the Errico Formicola family-owned brand has prided itself on upholding Neapolitan tailoring and cultural traditions with contemporary refinements that never go out of style. Today, Errico Formicola offers a collection of products born of prized materials and brought to market by a skilled eye for unique detail. The brand’s mission carries forward as a family-owned enterprise with Errico Formicola now flanked by both his son and daughter, offering creative insight and timely observations leading to the discovery of unique fashion trends. This shared vision is communicated through their exquisite garments, aesthetic, and customer values.

From the beginning, when Errico Formicola first started handcrafting ties, the brand is a trademark for those who love to make a sartorial statement. It all begins with the selection of the most exclusive fabrics, hand-cut for perfect centering of each pattern, followed by a four-step production process to make each Errico Formicola tie as unique and individualistic as its wearer.

When it comes to shirts, Errico Formicola has remained faithful to ancient Neapolitan tailoring traditions. The finest poplin and high-quality finishes stand out in an innate ability to be paired with just about any wardrobe choice, whether denim or jacquard or wool, making each piece a noteworthy refinement on its own. Timeless in style, while classic and modern at the same time. The result is an impeccable tailoring and craftsmanship that give each shirt an expert cut and stitch.

True to the brand’s commitment to high Neapolitan tailoring traditions, the Errico Formicola jacket is a classic statement of true excellence and sophistication. From carefully selected fabrics, cut and sewn with attention and accurate precision, to the quality of finish, the resulting garment is a piece of high-quality art. Each step in the finely tuned production process is performed with technical expertise to obtain a contemporary fit bespoke of highly skilled sartorial traditions.

Built from a lifetime of expertise and a dedication to the finest tailoring traditions, the Errico Formicola collection of signature items standout over time for their fine craftsmanship, quality, and discerning taste. Collaboration is also at the heart of the brand; Errico Formicola has built a fashion maison renowned for classic style and depth by working alongside renowned designers and tailors while always honoring its main inspiration, a lifetime dedicated to the perfection and art of men’s tailoring.