Luxury men's outerwear specializing in fine leather jackets

There aren't many families that can boast their presence in the fashion world for more than a century. Based near Lecco, in the Lombardy region, Enrico Mandelli is the story of a big family that built their reputation and helped pioneer the country’s pursuit of excellence and uncompromised artisan skills. It all began in the early 1900s, when Enrico Mandelli started his business as a leather trader. His son Paolo joined his father in 1925, and, together with his wife Ermelinda, they would dedicate their lives to the pursuit of creative and entrepreneurial initiatives that would eventually expand the company into the world of clothing. Paolo was the visionary, and by 1954 he had successfully developed the company distribution on a national scale.

The Mandelli spouses would go on to found Emme Spa, which in 1964 changed its name to Enrico Mandelli Spa in honor of its founder. In 1960 Paolo's son Enrico followed in his father’s footsteps, officially becoming the third generation committed to the development of craftsmanship in manufacturing leather as well as precious skin garments. Throughout the economic boom of those years and in large part thanks to Enrico, the company reached a high level of output. The quality in crafting sportswear was increasingly sophisticated, with precious materials and noble fibers, such as vicuna and cashmere in high demand which, combined with the most refined leathers, led the company to the pinnacle of success.

At the time Enrico Mandelli Spa was considered the best manufacturing company of outerwear in Italy. In 1964 Enrico married Rachele and together they played a part in the global expansion of Italian fashion. It was the 70s and Enrico Mandelli Spa began to collaborate with the best Italian stylists, insisting on a level of quality and style that contributed to building the respect and admiration Made in Italy enjoys all over the world. As of 1996 Enrico’s son Andrea took over the helm as CEO, helping consolidate the development of Italian artisan excellence on the world stage. Andrea's contribution was fundamental.

Under his leadership the company updated and innovated its use of technologies, to satisfy increasingly demanding customer requests. In collaborating with the most prestigious stores in the world, Andrea brought the company into the exclusive world of Luxury. The family motto has always been "Knowledge, Craftsmanship, Creativity". Emphasizing the deep knowledge of artisanal methods and their executive accuracy to achieve high levels of creativity and quality necessary to produce increasingly exclusive, rich, and elegant garments.

As a consequence, Enrico Mandelli has received many awards and has been recognized internationally. Today Enrico Mandelli is the only Italian brand to have applied exclusive technology and know how to create the softest crocodile available on the market. A family business for generations, Enrico Mandelli prides itself on excellent craftsmanship, the finest materials, and superior customer service.