A hymn to contemporary feminity and unconventional artistry

Based in Carpi, one of Italy’s most well known areas for quality and excellence, this ready to wear brand from Emilia Romagna brings the dream of feminine charm to the forefront of fashion. For over thirty years Elisa Cavaletti has offered seasonal collections that celebrate character and invite women into a dancer’s fantasy of levity and sophistication. Not simply a fashion staple as we’ve come to know it, these collections are all about rediscovering the innate beauty and femininity that’s intrinsic to the Italian way of life. The rhythms, the appreciation for quality and craftsmanship, the attention to detail, are all part of the brand’s cultural identity, with signature handmade details, original and artistic prints, to make every new season a celebration.

Elisa Cavaletti visualizes the woman she models her collection on, as someone who tiptoes into life — she’s graceful, ethereal, and noticeable. Free spirited and unburdened, she is able to surrender and find herself in the everyday of her existence. The clothes she wears are sophisticated and comfortable, complicitous throughout the meetings she has, the paths she crosses, her senses enhanced by her experiences. Designed by Daniela Dallavalle, this clothing line has an emotional appeal as it celebrates the innate sartorial quality of the Made in Italy tradition. The clothes have the ability, through their sheer presentation and drapery, to move hearts. Every season, the hint of a new story is an invitation worth exploring.

Distinguished and unique, the collection wants to appeal to every woman, with a contemporary and romantic approach. Dallavalle knows how to bring out the best in a woman’s figure, enhancing it to serve everyday needs as well as compliment the important ceremonies that punctuate the seasons. Each Elisa Cavaletti creation is a little treasure to be discovered. At the heart of the brand is the knowledge that every woman is a wonderful queen that needs revealing. As the creative soul of the brand, Daniela Dallavalle dedicates each new collection to a rebirth of the self, by designing clothes that engender the potential for renewal.

By leaving behind every fashion rule, she indulges in her creative freedom by rediscovering the emotional essence in small gestures, and the intrinsic elements that are so vital to each person. The poetry of her process is best expressed in her own words: “The rebirth...I exist...finally being able to look at everything as if it were the first time...with the eyes of a child, always surprised by the things I discover...Looking with different eyes in the same direction...Thanks to my freedom...By sharing small steps of a great journey together, with the every day excitement...and with a smile...I rediscover life ".

Daniela Dallavalle’s imagination draws on lyrical flights of fancy to envision collections with the power to transport women into the life of their dreams. Every day and far away, Elisa Cavaletti’s soft feminine style is a symbol of quintessential elegance.