Customizable hand made shoes for men and women

After 10 years of experience in the shoe business, Francesco Carpineti, founded DIS - Design Italian Shoes. As both the co-founder and designer he wanted to launch the company as an innovative project that combines Made in Italy’s tradition and innovation to give voice to the artisan families from the region Le Marche, and create a “shoe valley” where proud craftsmen known all over the world manufacture one-of-a-kind shoes. DIS is deeply rooted in over 40 years of experience, with artisan workshops and skills that have been passed from father to son, from generation to generation.

All Made in Italy, DIS offers quality products that still follow a centuries old tradition of excellence and craftsmanship. The manufacturing process evolved by integrating new concepts that make the customer the real protagonist of the artisanal production process and combines personal taste, trends, and fashion. By making entirely customized shoes through a 3D configurator that provides a perfect rendering, DIS has revolutionized the whole artisanal footwear production process in an innovative way. It all started in 2013 when brothers Andrea and Francesco Carpineti met Michele Luconi, a new technologies expert.

Tradition met innovation to create a modern shoe shopping method. But DIS is not just about selling shoes, it’s much more. The brand offers unique personalizations. Everybody can be a designer for a day, and create made-to-order pieces. The 3D configurator allows people to choose from different styles by selecting materials, colors, eyelets, laces, lining and soles — there are over 45 millions combinations. Clients are guided through material and style selections
 which they can save and modify, it even records their size and provides order status. Choosing the ideal product becomes a ritual, from measurements to choosing the smallest detail, like the monogram and name inscription.

This is DIS’s DNA. The configurator makes it possible to research historic, classic, and distinctive designs from a Made in Italy archive with a global reach. Materials are researched to keep the quality standard of leather and hide high, as well as soles, which includes a new generation of super light and resistant ones. DIS also offers printed shoes with exclusive, stand out patterns. The company draws inspiration from nature, natural elements, and harmonious colors that mix well with different shades of leather. The DIS man’s taste ranges from classic to formal to avant-garde. DIS is currently working on introducing a sneaker line. A women’s line is already available, as well as an accessory collection of fine leather goods and belts.

DIS’s Limited Edition is the ultimate expression of handcrafted skills that pair digital imaging to provide a blank canvas that can be embellished and decorated according to the customer’s refined taste. A personal stylist is on hand to help navigate the customization process, use the 3D configurator, and browse the styles and models on the DIS website. DIS shoes are distributed worldwide through their own website and select boutiques in Italy, Northern Europe, the U.S.A, and Japan. Rooted in the highest standards of design and manufacturing, the brand believes in people and in relationships, in Made in Italy aficionados who appreciate the forward values the company stands for.