Fine Tuscan leather garments since 1999

It all started in 1994 when, on his first trip to Italy, Nick Xhumba visited Martina Franca, a small town in the South famous for its high-quality textile manufacturing industry and exemplary tailoring traditions. Nick wanted to visit the village that he had learned so much about from his father Evangelos, a furrier in Greece at the time. The Martina Franca province is also known for its fertile agriculture, small valleys, and cool arid climate. It is the summer home of The Festival della Valle d’Itria opera festival and the birthplace of the highly regarded Capocollo di Martina Franca, stamp of culinary excellence.

It is in this fertile region that the Di Bello brand was born. To this day a reflection of its local heritage, Di Bello produces high-quality products sourced from superior materials and brought to life with expert tailoring. From the start, Di Bello has offered women’s and men’s collections manufactured with fabrics like mohair, alpaca, cashmere, and wool. Each item is created with a special focus on the craftsmanship of cutting, fitting, sewing, stitching, and hand-finishing, the best skills of custom work at the core of Made in Italy products.

In 1999, after an inspirational trip, Nick decided that the future for Di Bello was connected to Florence, Italy—a city internationally known as the center for luxury leather. For centuries, Florence has been the hub of the time-honored production of leather and sheepskin products, with specific attention paid to the careful selection and treatment of materials, as well as in the construction behind each finished piece. Since then, Di Bello has been manufacturing its leather and sheepskin shearling jackets in the Florentine region or Empoli, Italy. The commitment to quality starts from the sourcing of raw materials, using only the best lamb and sheep skins carefully selected and subject to strict quality control.

Di Bello’s suede, nappa, and merino sheep skins come from well-known tanneries in Fucecchio and Solofra, Italy. At present, Di Bello offers select women's and men's outerwear in lambskin and goat skins suede, goose down in both leather and cloth jackets, lambskin nappa, and merino shearling. A commitment to ongoing research into innovative new tanning technologies and the refinement and now unmistakable finishing techniques, have enabled Di Bello to thrive and enjoy great success, and have served to distinguish the brand from others in the American market.

Di Bello lines are well represented at some of the most famous high-end clothing stores located across the globe including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Columbus, Chicago, Omaha, Vail, Aspen, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and many more. Produced in Tuscany, since 1999, Di Bello continues to create garments steeped in Italian tradition and trusted, highly esteemed craftsmanship. While always seeking to safeguard the artisan way, resulting in the production of high-quality products, Di Bello is recognized today internationally as the Tuscan premiere leather and fur producer.