Bespoke handbags manufactured with passion and innovation

Founded in 1984, Del Conte is the passion project of Bruno Aver, the principal owner and an expert in the field of leather goods. Located just North of Vicenza, in the Veneto, a region known for its excellence and craftsmanship, the company is based in the epicenter of where handmade artisanal leather goods are made. The name of the brand owes its origin to the connection that links the company with the Palladian Villa located close by. Del Conte — both the brand and the owner — is intimately connected with the Palladian Villa.

The famous building is part of the World Heritage UNESCO site of Vicenza. Known as “ Villa da Porto” it was home to Da Porto, the writer, and novelist who wrote the novel Romeo and Juliet, which Shakespeare adapted into a play in the sixteenth century. As a child, Mr. Aver used to play in the garden of the villa with his close friend Gianfranco Del Conte. In honor of his childhood friend, who eventually left Italy for Venezuela, Mr. Aver chose to name his company after him.

The history and tradition of the Villa are linked to the rich story of the Del Conte brand. The image of the palazzo was used to create the brand’s logo, and to this day is an integral part of its identity. History, art, and tradition are the pillars and principles the Del Conte company values and identifies with. The passion that Bruno Aver and the entire team dedicate to the creation of leather handbags is what makes Del Conte designs so unique and appreciated all over the world. In a personal aesthetic distinguished by beauty and quality, each item in this Made in Italy collection honors the region, its skilled artisans, and the talent of a man who turned a vision into a lifestyle.

Del Conte is a highly selective brand that prides itself on creating and presenting a selection of articles that have positioned the company as a leader in its class. Committed to an international distribution and clientele, the company has developed techniques that are leading the market in upholding the best elements of tradition, quality materials and craft while implementing advances in technology to provide customers with the highest stylistic content in the best tradition of Italian products. Every aspect of the production process, from the choice of leathers, to the cut, from mounting hardware, to the finishing touches, are meticulously made respecting a strict ‘in house’ quality check process that guarantees the best of Made in Italy.

Del Conte is known for its state of the art facilities, and its design, which involves a close cooperation between customers and stylists to create unique and personalized handbags. Each one is made bespoke, in accordance to demand. With a youthful attitude and a constructive approach, the managers and Bruno Aver have made Del Conte a dynamic company in constant evolution. With impeccable customer service and close communication to guarantee satisfaction and enduring cooperation.