Ready to wear staple exuding timeless elegance

If you aren’t familiar with Daniele Callegari, it’s time to get familiar, as this brand is one to thank for Italy’s elite ready to wear fashion. Launched in Rimini, Italy, in 2010 by its namesake founder, Daniele Callegari delivers iconic clothes that quickly rose to notoriety due to their flowy silhouettes, adorned with unusual patterns in surprisingly vibrant colors.

There’s always more than meets the eye here. At first glance, it’ll be a simple polka-dotted, transluscent black dress. As you move in closer to the polka dots, you’ll see them quickly transform into tropical birds inhabiting a whimsical forest. A sleeveless white dress becomes so much more, as the flowers covering it are playfully intertwined, as to emulate a colorful print reminescent of the finest naif paintings. Through the use of artful embellishment, Daniele Callegari’s pieces operate as individual works of art, living at the interplay of subtlety, precision, and innovation.

Though striking and eye-catching, the pieces work to highlight the personality of the wearer, rather than mask it. The collection is infused with Callegari’s chameleonic spirit, at times more overtly referencing artistic movements, and other times focusing on contemporary silhouettes in innovative fabrics. Every dress is a statement that frees the wearer from any bounds or limitations, becoming an expression of individuality however it is chosen to be worn. The collection caters to the feminine duality: at times soft and vulnerable and at others daring and adventurous.

Asymmetrical hemlines also sneak their way into the collection, heightening the drama and impact, all while remaining focused on flowy cuts in an array of colors – from dark blacks to vibrant yellows. Always enticing, never boring. Since its debut, Daniele Callegari has always attracted a clientele drawn to this signature ethereal aesthetic, but Callegari intends to give his clients more than a pretty dress. Every piece of his is designed for you to make it your own, interacting with it any way to suit your exact wishes. With stand out pieces in his collection, such as a strapless dress available in a number of lengths, Callegari is a definite rising star in the Italian fashion scene.

No one can beat the timeless elegance of a silhouette, right? Well…how about that same elegant silhouette, but artfully detailed with mesh and lacework? Callegari’s masterful manipulation of fabrics and materials creates a collection like no other. Dresses are taken to their abstract limit, with folds of fabric at the shoulders to exaggerate their width and ruffles that bend like flower petals to bring Callegari’s unique vision to life. If you are into artistic shapes with puffed sleeves and a mermaid-worthy look with sedctive slits, run don’t walk to these pieces!