Entirely customizable bags that last a lifetime

As an extension of the Italian brand Del Conte, known for its premier leather bags exclusively handcrafted in Italy, Con Te was created as a way for everyone to let their inner designer shine. This masterful specialist allows you to “customize your own bag”, creating the handbag of your dreams. Meaning “With You” in Italian, Con Te lets to create an accessory that is entirely your own and can accompany you throughout all your walks of life. Contrary to its parent brand Del Conte, its bags uses materials other than leather, from wicker and suede to canvas and linen.

Based near Vicenza – a city in the Veneto region of northeast Italy, known for its elegant 16th-century architecture by Andrea Palladio, Con Te pays homage to the local aesthetic as its main influence, leaning on solid construction and symmetrical shapes.

In celebration of this harmonious union between fashion forward creativity and classic tradition, Con Te’s customizable choices include a reimagined selection of timeless totes, satchels, buckets, hobos, and shoppers, all made with specially treated fabrics for a refreshing take on contemporary elegance.

With a fashion savvy clientele in mind, Con Te highlights different patterns and motifs, all of which embrace the renowned glamour of its Italian region of origin. Luxurious shades of vibrant fuchsia, paired with silver-toned handles and detailing, offer a sleek nod to Italy’s elegant expertise, while also staying true to the playful artistry of Venetian tradition. Presenting each stylistic masterpiece on a series of customizable artworks, every personalized handbag captures the brand’s unique story with eye-catching patterns and meticulously detailed graphics. All topped with a flair of unmatched ingenuity.

Lauded as a longtime Italian phenomenon, the Con Te collection has revolutionized the handbag industry since it first made its appearance. Always masterfully innovating, this handbag specialist leaves no stone unturned, always experimenting with new sizes, eclectic designs, and quality materials to continuously elevate its already esteemed product to new heights. Never settling for anything less than the perfect handbag, the Con Te favorite silhouettes are reinvented season after season, always championing everyday versatility and exquisite craftsmanship to suit any occasion or style preference. Nevertheless, year after year, throughout the brand’s continuous growth and evolution, Con Te’s signature bags never fail to secure a top spot on any fashionista’s wishlist. Foregoing a classic release schedule, these premier bags can’t be found sitting in shop windows or displays; they are generated on an on-demand basis alone. With only a rare number of creations circulating, its creations garner an aura of anticipation and mystery. Although the first editions were limited to Con Te’s Italian clients, the brand has expanded, and now elite sartorialists on all corners of the globe can inquire about upcoming collections through the company’s newly updated website.