Creating dashing women's fashion since 1963

Since its inception in Bologna, Italy, in 1963, the Colb design group has been united by the same mission with a balanced mix of skilled practice and modernity, high quality, creativity, and originality. Today, under the leadership of third-generation family members, Colb continues its commitment to this tradition of Made in Italy excellence. Colb, long recognized in the luxury fashion industry as a hallmark of design dedication and reliability, is a refined clothing brand dedicated to all that is feminine for the distinguished and sophisticated woman. Expertly tailored embellishments of rhinestone and select embroidery are what make each piece unique. Colb collections are created for women who love elegant lines with exclusive details and refined trimmings, all touchpoints to the discerning eye. A style that speaks of confidence and a life well-traveled.

The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship guarantees the high quality of each Colb product during every stage of production. Each product is handmade, cut and stitched by skilled artisans, trimmed with special finishes, and, after a series of quality control steps, develops into a one-of-a-kind garment, reminiscent of a piece of art, as selective yet noticeable as the woman who wears it.

Perhaps Colb’s continued popularity is thanks in part to the brand’s inherent flexibility. Its willingness to pay attention to the needs and desires of its international customers. At the core of the brand is a desire to adapt, research, learn, grow, and explore new and innovative ways of doing business—sourcing, producing, and bringing to life unique quality products. Products that speak to its international customer base in ways that are relevant to today’s ever-evolving markets. It is a brand that pays attention and listens. It adapts its products to the demands of the variety of areas in the world where its items are distributed, thus creating unique garments with character.

Colb is a brand with international reach, yet all of its production is done in the factory in Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy. Each item carefully designed and crafted in small numbers of specialized batches in communal working relationships with local craftspeople. The result is a production process that sources only the finest Italian materials and guarantees Made in Italy quality.

The collections are dedicated to the more mature woman, a fashion-conscious lady who appreciates the quality of Italian fabrics and savors garments rich with signature verve and accouterments, which make each final product exclusive and inherent of what it means to be a woman.