When dapperness meets sartorial artistry

Meet Cavaliere Guercilena 1944. A sartorial atelier of modern yet distinguished fine Italian menswear launched by expert Neapolitan tailor Sartoria Cavaliere and Milan based Primo Guercilena, a renowned expert in modern tailoring. The result of this surprising bond is a distinguished and smart collection reflective of Made in Italy’s finest craftsmanship. The Cavaliere Guercilena collection is rich with masculine accents and expressive details, versatile yet always impeccable.

Lightweight and comfortable blends of wool, linen, cotton, and silk, in subtle hues of navy, green, tan, and burgundy, are blended to allow for the optimal formula of class and comfort. Fabrics are specially sourced for premium quality and catered to suit not only the drape of each handcrafted piece but also the style and personality of the man who wears it. Cavaliere Guercilena takes pride in sourcing only the finest materials available. Each garment is perfectly reflective of the finest Made in Italy fashion heritage. From buttons, linings, collars, to cuffs, wearers can customize a vast selection of details, resulting in a creation that is completely unique and as authentic as the man who sports it.

Thanks to the masterful blend of fabrics, fit and style - that come together to evoke pleasure in the eyes of the beholder - Cavaliere Guercilena has the expertise to help any man build his own personal style, each item being envisioned and designed for the discerning clientele. Blazers are impeccably constructed with subtle texture, a soft hand, and an exceptional drape. They exude effortless class and sophistication. Rich in color and texture, hand stitched, and almost inviting one to come closer and have another look, each piece is a culmination of the quintessential sartorial excellence and Made in Italy tailoring tradition.

Three-piece-suits that include a finely tailored gilet are the ultimate expression of sophistication. They infuse the wearer with confidence, originality, and authenticity, a rare ensemble which exalts character, and individuality. Constructed for the best-dressed man, tailored from artisanal fabrics, and brought to life in bold colors, Cavaliere Guercilena 1944 suits make a sophisticated addition to a wardrobe that is adaptable and suited for any occasion. A fine symbol of sartorial excellence, the double-breasted blazer at Cavaliere Guercilena 1944 takes on new life, with attitude. No matter what you pair it with, its flawless cool adds a touch of class to any outfit.

A self-assured man who knows where he’s going and how to get there is the gentleman that Cavaliere Guercilena 1944 designs for. A fine connoisseur that finds pleasure in wearing expertly cut and fitted outfits that are able to keep pace with even the longest days and nights. The Cavaliere Guercilena 1944 collection is a culmination of years of skilled Made in Italy craftsmanship combined with a dedicated work ethic and passion for bespoke tailoring. A refined selection able to express natural elegance and richness, together with the option of exclusive made-to-measure adaptability.