Everyday sneakers combining vintage inspiration and original design

Candice Cooper has been making an impact since it was first established in 2006 in the region Marche. The international popularity of its unique brand of sneakers is the result of Made in Italy excellence, innovative designs, and vintage styles that draw inspiration from traditional formal footwear. 

From the quality of the leather to the craftsmanship, each pair of Candice Cooper shoes is a unique piece of intelligent style. The colors are bright, the soles light, and the increased insole provides maximum comfort for just the right mix of comfort and panache.
 An iconic label since the beginning with a dedicated international following, Candice Cooper remains faithful to its origins and distinctive identity, which its loyal customers have grown to love and identify with.

With strong ties to traditional Italian craftsmanship the cicada logo has emerged as a symbol of the good life. A brand emblem that speaks of hot Mediterranean summers, seaside excursions, days that stretch out under sun, and even longer nights that glimmer under the stars, and throughout it all — impeccable taste. Each shoe is the result of a unique artisanal process that guarantees extremely soft materials and absolute comfort. Candice Cooper is a brand for people who prefer the essentials, savor clean lines, a casual state of mind, and who appreciate refined and timeless elegance. Bold colors, pinstripes, floral patterns, and the occasional wedge give a modern twist to the brand’s classic designs.

Versatile meets chic with timeless elegance, offered in a bright color assortment with brilliant hues of claret red, emerald green, and teal blue. High-tops, lace-ups and slip-ons in a mix of animal prints, metallic, patent leather, and suede uppers. New to the collection, the ADEL and ROCK-SPORT with cushy bottoms and — true Candice Cooper tradition — a bold and innovative update to classic styles offering all-day support for long days walking and standing on your feet. The hero product, ROCK, in evergreen, is a Candice Cooper icon, a customer favorite season after season and now available in new colors and materials. The appeal, however, remains unchanged. To this day, each pair of Candice Cooper shoes is expertly crafted from high- end materials conceived to provide a super-soft feel and absolute all-day comfort.

Incorporating the traditional Italian technique of Tamponato — a highly skilled way of shading leather that gives each shoe a unique character and finish ensuring no two pairs are alike — gives way to Candice Cooper’s signature animal patterns, intricate floral designs, metallic patinas, and shiny cheerful hues of patent leather

From the texturally rich woman’s collection to a new line of men’s and junior sneakers, the bold Candice Cooper style remains true to its origins of authenticity, creativity, and classic elegance with a flair for sporty everyday wear that offers lightweight comfort and subtle intelligent style. Candice Cooper brings sneakers to a new international level, for people around the world who seek out a lightweight casual style that channels grace and personality, with a love of sportswear and an eye for detail.