Impeccably tailored men's garments and luxury leather accessories

Welcome to the Cadini world. Founded in Florence over 30 years ago, Cadini is the embodiment of the Made in Italy tradition. Precious raw materials and time-honored tailoring give life to a distinguished collection rooted in Italian history, where for centuries beauty and quality have merged to create the benchmark of superior craftsmanship. Today, Cadini reinterprets the country’s tradition for expert tailoring with a touch of modern and contemporary design, by creating innovative products that blend high-performance fabrics with clean and elegant cuts

High-quality materials hand stitched with full regard for Italian craftsmanship give voice to the foundation of the Cadini collection, including exquisitely tailored suits, jackets, and trousers made in the best Italian fabrics; and classic shirts in pure cotton, linen, and silk enriched by detailed tailoring and offered in a distinct array of styles. Cadini offers an update on the classics in smart seasonal hues for the contemporary man. Golden yellow, English green, and traditional blues come together to create the energetic palette of the College Banner assortment, inspired by the colors of the English Public Schools.

Spring Morning, a careful selection of cerulean, beige and cream create an atmosphere of soft and relaxed elegance, reflecting the bright calm of the first warmer days. Lilac and optic meet to create Steel Lilacs, with enhanced bright shades of cold grays like steel flowers that stand out for their brightness. For the Summer Blossom series, orange, cream, and chocolate meet with warm tones that refer to the colors of the fruits and the earth, and the enveloping abundance of the hot season. Cadini leisurewear combines heritage and innovation to meet the needs of the contemporary man. The collection embodies garments produced for enhanced durability and comfort, with a contemporary cut.

Lightweight and effortless is the theme, deconstructed and reimagined for elegant leisure incorporating superior fibers of extra fine wool, silk, cotton, and linen, each sourced with high regard to environmental responsibility. The Cadini total look collection offers exclusive knitwear, elegant coats, and expertly tailored jackets with a modern and poised fit. Additional accoutrements include a carefully selected assortment of bespoke accessories, like signature eyewear, silk ties in rare blends, and coordinating pocket squares. Timeless watches and elegant leather accessories including belts, shoes, and bags complete the look. Together, the Cadini total look collection is a finely selected ensemble designed for confidence and balance in subtle hues and blended shades, with pops of defining color.

Each item is an incarnation of Made in Italy modern elegance, without losing the trusted classic traditional style. Both formal and leisure shirts can be found in playful floral and geometric patterns alternating with trusted and go-to classics. While jersey and knitwear unfold in traversing color groups in multi-chromatic combinations. Recognizing the need to create a bridge between formal and informal, Cadini also offers an innovative washable Travel Suit with a deconstructed fit that combines the need for elegance as well as comfort, offered in a wide selection of active-wear fabrics that are highly wrinkle-resistant.