Modern furs celebrating women's charme and individuality

Celebrating fifty years of experience in the fur business, PadovaFurs has built its reputation on uncompromised quality and developed unparalleled skills in the wholesale and production of the most refined furs in the world. A beacon for high end fashion brands, this reputable skin and fur specialist provides an endless variety of options, and silhouettes, both in outerwear and underpinnings which can be worn together or as separates, to meet the demands of fashion aficionados all over the world.

With a strong sense for innovation in pelt treatments, supported by impeccable expertise in fur selection, processing, and manufacturing, PadovaFurs oversees and manages two separate companies: “Tosato1928” and “Bun”. The first is a well-known brand that reinterprets current fashion so customers can pick and choose their style of the moment, and feel confident in their interpretation of the current trend. Bun, on the other hand, is a new brand that this family run business launched more recently to offer ultra modern, clean-cut garments that mixes textures and materials to create a unique look.

A true Made in Italy staple, Bun is poised to captivate fur lovers with a taste for fashion and innovation. Each collection is envisioned as a step into the future of what defines luxury. Committed to the brand’s core values of high quality materials, refined accessories, impeccable Italian design, and production, each offering makes a statement and serves a function. Combining everyday materials with noble fibers and fur, as diverse as nylon, cashmere, printed fabrics and technical cottons, wind and water- resistant materials are enhanced with glamorous fur details and handmade embroideries.

Every garment is crafted to strike a perfect balance between contemporary and innovative design. The shapes are classic and flattering, combining timeless sophistication with functionality and fit. The silhouettes are feminine, with ample necklines and collars to hug the neckline and provide a generous and seductive approach to the challenges of colder seasons and icy conditions. With vests in solids and animal prints reinterpreted in a fantasy of urban flair, the tucked in waists are flattering and functional, easily worn over a blazer or under a coat or puffer. Technical fabrics perform their function, without compromising on quality or design.

Cinched waists dominate the offering, with geometrical printed belts worn over raincoats, or used in the same design to embellish a sleeve cuff on a red single-breasted coat. With earth tones that work well into any look, the selection includes tan and army green, as well as classic black options. Fiery red and geometric prints with red details topped by a fox fur collar bring energy to the winter season in creative ways. Bun has a playful approach to everyday staples. Combining fur and technical fabrics on a scarf vest, cinched at the waist with a buckled printed belt, this collection is ideal for those who want to have fun with their wardrobe.