Premier socks since 1970

Known amongst sock connoisseurs around the world as some of the finest available, Bresciani’s iconic socks have been produced by the same family-owned business in the Lombardy region for over fifty years. The perfect case study in embracing proven traditions, perfected over generations, while incorporating modern design and authenticity with a dedication to the production of high-end specialty products. Heralding from a long lineage of Italian fashion design, each unique pair of Bresciani socks is produced from the finest yarns sourced from around the world. From Egyptian mercerized cotton in shadow stripes, houndstooth, herringbone, ribbed, bicolor, pinstripe, and pin dot, to extra-fine merino wool with a hint of polyamide for stretch and resilience, and super soft Pima cotton in argyle, ribbed, and checkerboard—Bresciani produces superior easy-care socks with a modern flare in vibrant colors coupled with a perfected fit.

Mario Bresciani established Besciani 1970 in Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy, after building an indelible career working alongside industry leaders in the market. In 1980, Mario moved the Company back to his home village of Spirano, Italy, to the area of Bergamo. In 1990, Massimiliano, the first son of Mario, joined the Company, followed by the second son Fabio, in 1994. In 2012, Bresciani was certified as Oeko-Tex compliant, an international seal of warranty confirming the human-ecological safety of textile products and leather articles from all stages of production and attesting to socially and environmentally sound conditions throughout the process. To this day, Bresciani maintains a select number of partnerships with renowned international brands, with a focus on producing sustainable, quality, authentic products for some of the biggest names in the fashion world.

In 2013, with the same philosophy leading its highly regarded socks collection, Bresciani expanded its range of offerings by introducing an assortment of refined men's underwear. Made in Italy using only the finest fibers like 100% Egyptian cotton, Bresciani offers timeless staples like open and closed boxer briefs and trunks, along with sublime pure cotton round and v-neck T-shirts. Today, Bresciani 1970 operates as a family-owned business focused on Italian made authenticity, artisanal quality, and sustainability, all with a dedication to the design and manufacture of the finest items available on the international market with a love and passion that is unmatched.

With a subtle approach to luxury, each Bresciani wardrobe staple is understated yet sensual and inviting, emitting delicate bespoke hints of the enticing possibilities of exploration. With a team of thirty-five highly skilled employees, Bresciani produces all of its quality products in its modern facility located in Spirano, Italy. Rooted in tradition while incorporating the best in modern production processes and technology, each Bresciani offering undergoes twelve different quality control steps before being brought to market.

Bresciani sources more than 120 different kinds of the highest-quality yarn from around the world—from the best Egyptian cotton, to the finest Merino Australian wool, Himalayan cashmere, French linen, and even the rarest 100% vicuna fibers. Each Bresciani product is made to exacting standards by skilled craftsmen with more than fifty years of experience to guide each intricate step in the production process, guaranteeing quality to be enjoyed for a lifetime.