Florentine maison renowned for its vibrant patterns and modern monochromatic combinations

Florentine maison renowned for its vibrant patterns and modern monochromatic combinations Founded in 1950 in Florence by Italian tailor Averardo Bessi, the rise of the house of Bessi to international fame was swift and undeniable. Immediately recognizable, it conquered the world over for its signature bright colors and intricate textile designs. By 1968, Bessi amassed an international loyal following. Today, the unmistakable bold prints and sleek designs are considered collectables yet remain wearable and acutely relevant, reflecting a sophisticated taste that reveres quality, workmanship, and authenticity.

Always feminine and confident, the Bessi collection mirrors the traditional research and design methods of the Florentine fashion house, blending rich colors with original prints in distinctive materials and fabrics, resulting in a modern and captivating look, flattering in fit and design. Sought out by an elite clientele of fine connoisseurs, Bessi is committed to sourcing only the finest natural fabrics like silk, cotton, and wool. An ongoing commitment guaranteeing that each signature piece brought to market is worthy of the Averardo Bessi monogram label.

Always keen on exploring the use of color and developing new designs, the principal theme of the collections focuses on explorative and imaginative graphic interpretations merged with modern chromatic combinations. World renown for its vibrant shades, Bessi lives and breathes color. Color is the lifeblood of the brand. Marine turquoise, Caribbean lime, Ocean blue, orange, and white are only a few of the signature palettes that, when combined with surprising geometrical designs, produce uniquely original motifs that redefine the concept of prints.

Today’s patterns seem to come to life, steeped in extraordinary deep tones, together giving a unique vitality to the Bessi collection. Balanced volumes that experiment with natural fabrics and flattering lines add up to the complexity of the pieces, combining an unspoken refinement with functional details that are both eye catching and indefinable. Iconic and instantly recognizable like the wonderful late 70s dress that features the coveted geometric forms the brand is best known for, each Bessie apparel item is designed, fashioned, and expertly tailored in long- established and trusted Made in Italy traditions.

Today Bessi is represented in twenty countries with showrooms in Italy, Germany, and the United States, all while remaining true to its artisan characteristics and zealous attention to the highest production standards. The Bessie tradition carries forward, each piece of clothing representing the brand’s refined workmanship, superior tailoring and love for vibrant shades. Because those who wear Bessi, live in color.