Artisanal jewelry with a Florentine twist

Iconic snapshots from legendary movies, a fleeting moment in nature, these are the still frames captured in the handcrafted 3D designs of Beba Gioielli Bijoux distinctive fashion jewelry. Designs that beckon the observer to pause and look closer. Founded in 1995 by Beatrice Filippini, Beba Gioielli Bijoux is a small but unique artisan jewelry and accessories brand from Florence Italy. Beatrice Filippini studied at the Art Institute of Florence, and after some years of practice, opened her own goldsmith’s workshop

The handmade Beba Gioielli Bijoux jewelry collection comes to life by layering two different, intricately cut, sheets of noble metals, giving life to 3D jewelry imagery. Additional Beba Gioielli Bijoux accessories include a curated fashion line of hats, bags, and sunglasses. Each item in the collection is personally designed by artist and owner, Beatrice Filippini. The habitat collection features much loved animals at home in their environment, a black panther in the wild, an owl in the trees, butterflies in the forest, or a cat moving through a cityscape. Among the notable designs, there is an eye-catching cuff bracelet with cutouts of butterflies taking flight, crafted in hypoallergenic bronze and plated in a choice of noble metals, yellow or rose gold, rhodium, or ruthenium.

Additional ideations include bees and dragonflies: nature’s harbingers of change that move in and out with the seasons and bring life. The iconic movie collection is a series of pendants and brooches, each with a scene from a favorite film: La Dolce Vita, a tribute to the sweet life and search for love; the whimsical and often comical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; the daringly elegant romantic comedy Breakfast at Tiffany’s; the legendary musical Singing in the Rain, and internationally recognized and cherished The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

At a glance, a treasured scene can be seen in the intricate details that are captured within each pendant, available in hypoallergenic noble metals, like bronze, gold, and rhodium. The entire Beba Gioielli Bijoux collection is highlighted by its bestselling necklace, showcasing a bold cascade of butterflies suspended from a striking plexiglass choker collar and plated in hypoallergenic bronze and in a choice of yellow or rose gold, rhodium, or ruthenium.

And who does Beatrice Filippini look to for personal inspiration? Coco Chanel. “She was a strong, independent woman with a lot of talent, who was really innovative for the time. Sometimes I feel like her,” said Beatrice. “My jewels are unusual and new in the eyes of many people who are not used to seeing these designs.” Each handmade piece of Beba Gioielli Bijoux jewelry is a cherished memory triggered, a fleeting moment captured. A one-of-a-kind creation that gives voice to a singular authentic story.