Shirtmaking as an art form since 1945

The Bagutta story begins in 1975, in Milan, Italy, when the Gavazzeni family crafted its first white shirt and forever transformed how the world views an enduring wardrobe staple. Today, every detail of the Bagutta collection is a reflection of the brand’s ingenuity. Bagutta has become an international standard of unmatched elegance and uniqueness—a trademark of inimitable style, exceptional quality, and creative individuality. The modern Bagutta shirt incorporates ingenious design updates like reinforced neckline facing that speaks to the value of military-like flawlessness and a collar that remains perfectly in place even when the shirt is worn tie-less. The timeless unparalleled elegance of the white shirt and Bagutta’s styling take on the classic garment par excellence. Lasting inspiration born of unabashed creative ingenuity.

The entire Bagutta collection embodies individual interpretation, an inquisitive mind driven by impulses, passions, stories, people, and values, now ingeniously translated into an aesthetic. Travels across the globe or down a local city street, each sojourn channels a passion for cotton variants with personality, cuts borrowed from military uniforms, and forays into an ancient culture comprised of details that meld beauty with function.

Since its inception, the essential tailored cotton shirt is Bagutta’s forte, a masterpiece with which the brand is never satisfied, no matter how diligent the effort. Named for the Milan street that epitomizes the city— hardworking and stylish, unobtrusive yet uncompromising—Bagutta’s clean, refined designs draw on an array of Bagutta-certified, top-quality fabrics from poplin to gabardine and Japanese selvage cotton. Shirts created to be experienced and worn by men and women with a clear perception of their own accomplishments and personality.

An expression of elegance, born of the soul, an attitude and a way of being not just wearers but fine connoisseurs. Drawing from intelligence and sensitivity to bring forth values from the past into the present, with a focus on beauty rather than fashion trends. The Bagutta collection is for the man and woman who have gained the thoughtfulness required to choose garments capable of generating excitement, conveying an ethical culture built out of quality, and translating it into a daily sophistication.

With attention to detail and a commitment to creative inspiration, only the best fabrics on the market are sourced and contribute to each garment’s refined elegance. Industrial technologies support highly skilled sartorial processes. Bagutta, with its soul steeped in tradition and its gaze firmly fixed on the future, produces a classic, contemporary, and conservative collection for the discerning aficionados. Like its birthplace, the city of Milan, Italy, a cradle of culture and authentic artisan-inspired design, Bagutta is a name that embodies international reach with a surprising capacity to renew time-honored tradition. It is a brand radiating energy made up of balanced elegance, studied simplicity, and purity. Today, Bagutta is headed by Antonio Gavazzeni and his cousin Andrea, the third generation of family at the helm. With a surprising capacity to reinvigorate trusted traditions, the Bagutta brand is an epitome of individuality, an emblem of tailoring refinery, and always-impeccable taste.