Luxury lifestyle brand with a timeless attitude

Asciari—from an ancient Sicilian word meaning, “to search, to gather, to create meaning”—is a workshop of ideas and projects where heritage, lifestyle, craftsmanship, and design are tightly interlaced. Since 2016, these are the cornerstones on which Asciari has built its family-owned a prêt-à-porter luxury brand. The success of their design achievements founded in the exquisite materials sourced for each of their timeless pieces. Quality fabrics are the essence of each Asciari product. The brand’s heritage is deeply rooted in the shared values of its founders: brother and sister Pietro and Federica and their mother, Marta. The Asciari design collection is born from a desire to make something ethereal and timeless, yet essential and invaluable, and a direct reflection of their lifestyle.

It all starts with a passionate commitment to researching the most refined raw products available. For Asciari garments, only the finest natural fibers are used from verified suppliers capable of developing special order fabrics, finishings, and unique colors. The same research is applied to the exclusive Asciari beauty line, founded on a dedication to natural fragrances and raw vegetable-based materials, an extension of local territories. Place is often the design inspiration for the hypnotic beauty of each Asciari piece. The vast desert landscape with mineral shades of sand and sky, redefined over time by wind and water, evoke neutral tones like ecru white, stone, beige together with more vivid ones like orange, deep iridescent blue, curcuma yellow, and green and reddish nuances.

In a homage to the dramatic energies of nature where life and death meet in infinite interplay, shades of black represent not only endings but also beginnings through precious nutrients recycled and capable of creating new growth and earthly colors. From the dusty white of the pumice stone to the lava stone’s raw black to vivid orange and certain primordial flora along with different nuances of blue as expressed by the sea. Such alchemic imagery leads the way for choosing fabrics and textures by combining the pale with the very polished and refined.

Cotton and linens and silken blends are carefully selected for differentiating weights and textures. Soft and impalpable fabrics are mixed with structured, often crisp, and at times paper-like weaves, creating rich textures with layered asymmetrical volumes and shapes. Combined with the choice to have the entire production based in Italy is fundamental to the brand’s mission to be deeply integrated with a territory and its people and fostering social and mutually beneficial development with the utmost respect for the environment.

Appropriate. Sartorial. Chromatic. Independent. Absolute. Refined. Iconic. Precise aesthetics and cultural codes and certain timeless values such as education, respect, and understated conduct are Asciari core principles. Minimalistic aesthetics, pureness of the matter, and finest artisanal work are the founding ideologies for any Asciari project. Both the apparel and the beauty lines are entirely made in Italy, representing the highest expression of handmade manufacturing processes, interlacing artisanal know-how with cutting-edge techniques by dedicated craftspeople.