Sartorially crafted leathers, sherlings and furs

Founded in 1979, Artico produces world renowned quality leather, shearling, cashmere, and fur. Thanks to a longstanding commitment to craftsmanship and a passion for the business by the Artico family, the designers, and staff, Artico is the choice for distinctive outerwear collections, known for their warmth, softness, flair, and fine Italian workmanship. Since its inception, Artico has been met in the Italian trade markets with unprecedented success, and today Artico exports all over the world.

The secret of its accomplishments is found in its ability to meet the demands of a discerning customer looking for high-quality, customizable, and tailored products that are rich in renowned Italian traditions. With an ongoing commitment to researching international trends mixed with a willingness to experiment, Artico paves the way forward in finely crafted leathers, shearlings, and furs. Designed with the distinguished modern woman in mind, the Roncarati collection embodies the Made in Italy label. From the selection of finest raw materials to each stitch made by hand, the classic conception of a leather jacket is reborn into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Roncarati is a unique expression of the individual, born from a vision of authentic leather products that emit individuality with a finely tailored touch. The Roncarati collection likes attention. It wants to be noticed among the fashion blogs and magazines and influencers. Roncarati says, “See me” for the woman that wants to be seen. And seen she will be, noticed for her chic style and unwavering individuality. A wool coat made by combining two different colors, white and leather for a practical, sporty yet chic look. Or, a fur and nylon vest, lightweight yet refined, capable of making even a simple outfit stand out.

The dressy lines play on volumes and a contrast of colors and materials and speak to the core of the collection born out of fierce originality. Reversible and customizable garments flirt with soft and snug lines that come together to produce outerwear suitable for every occasion with a relentless commitment to detail and luxury. A long sheepskin coat in an elegant honey color enriched with a fur edge that starts from the hood until it reaches the bottom edge. Comfortable and practical, can be worn on both sides obtaining two looks in one. Soft and carefully curated materials are combined with blended colors and technical fabrics to surpass fading trends and give way to everyday luxury.

Warm and austere colors reminiscent of an impressionist painting of autumn, from red and ocher shades to orange and brown, blended with blue and beige, coupled with end-to-end refined details make a recognizable hallmark of quality and taste. Made in Italy marks every aspect of the Artico collection. Innovatively sourced sheep and fur fabrics mixed with needlework, work together to create a collection that deviates from the conventional. The materials, tanning methods, and sourcing are each carefully researched. Precious yarns, cashmere, and angora are interwoven with shearling and suede to create innovatively tailored products as unique as the Artico woman who wears them.