Florentine hat producer since 1952

Founded after World War II, Angiolo Frasconi has perfected the art of making hats in Florence with a signature style that combines craftsmanship and innovation, producing ladies hats and accessories for those who follow fashion and trends with an eye to quality. Every hat is Made in Italy, with the legendary passion and commitment to overseeing each step. From research, to manufacturing and finishing, an Angioli Frasconi hat is a masterpiece recognized and exported all over the world. Angiolo Frasconi .was founded in Campi Bisenzio, one of the major historical centers for renowned Florentine straw hat production, by Angiolo and his wife Carolina

As the company grew, the business was handed down to their son Alessandro and his wife Alessandra who still run the firm today, along with their children Francesca and Franco. The combination of family management and know-how, derived from a wealth of experience in the traditional art of crafting straw, is the signature of the company’s success. Today, its world wide distribution includes a range of important markets, thanks to the success built on the superior quality of its products, which are all hand-finished and quality checked for any imperfections. With hundreds of models launched every season, the collections are designed to add charm and personality to anyone who wears them.

Attentive to the ecological impact that fashion consumer goods have on the environment, the Frasconi family has always used natural fibers, which they view as the indispensable raw material necessary to crafting their hats. Their properties extend from malleability to breathability, to fit and versatility, qualities Angiolo Frasconi associates to the firm’s respect for nature. True to classic Italian tradition and sensibility, the family closely identifies with the history of their land, which is at the heart of the firm’s choice to function as a totally eco-sustainable production.

In addition to their commitment to raw materials and craft, two photo-voltaic systems furnish 100% of the company’s energy, which is necessary to the various stages of production, further highlighting the true meaning of innovation, preservation, strength and tradition. Angiolo Frasconi is an active member of the Cappello di Firenze Consortium, which was founded in 1986 to connect companies in the hat-making sector. Created to support Made in Italy products, specifically milliners, whose products represent a philosophy and approach that prides itself in supporting the heirs to the ancient craft of weaving and working with straw.

Angiolo Frasconi offers a wide range of hats for all seasons. The Autumn Winter collection includes hats designed specifically for the cold weather, using felt and woolen fabrics, as well as precious yarns such as cashmere and alpaca, molded, and constructed in numerous styles. For spring and summer, straw and lighter fabric hats delight in their natural fiber in a selection of original designs that are youthful and flattering. In true Italian style, Frasconi hats are the ideal accessory to complete a look in any season.