The specialist in handmade shirts since 1955

Angelo Inglese was born in Ginosa, a small town in Puglia, located between the town of Taranto and Matera, at the bottom of the Italian peninsula. Growing up, he spent time in the family’s tailor shop, where he cultivated a sense of belonging rooted in memories, and stories with a magical quality that take him back every time he smells the scent of the iron steaming, or runs his hands through cloth.

His apprenticeship at the family’s workshop, and his strict education taught him the value of simplicity, the importance of sacrifice, and the dedication necessary to sharpen one’s skills. His innate curiosity, the desire to learn, to discover, and travel, nurtured his appreciation of the ultimate gift — the opportunity to experience beauty. It’s a quality that has come to define his character and approach to life. The generous and friendly reception that the international market has reserved to his creations, has allowed him to develop a business model that reflects his ideals and philosophy.

In 2000 he bought a historic building in the center of the old town of Ginosa, to develop projects related to his family’s sartorial tradition. But not exclusively — it’s also where Angelo Inglese was able to implement a new business model, founded in the relationship between business and territory, steeped in his interpretation of beauty, art, friendly customer service and hospitality. To date the project has attracted a worldwide interest and brought many high profile personalities to the region. The success of his so-called “sartorial tourism” has led to copycats as well as loyal fans.

The secret to Angelo Inglese's success is his great dexterity and his commitment to the history and legacy of his family’s business. Like the best Made in Italy entrepreneurs in his field, impeccable fabrics, the study of raw materials, and traditional weaving methods are a must. Inglese likes to make his clients the protagonists of each project — not only to generate profit, but emotions too. That’s why his clients, besides being interested in his work as a craftsman, are fascinated by the fact that someone like Inglese, who comes from a small village, has managed to make himself known throughout the world.

When he’s not traveling internationally, Inglese spends most of his time working on his creations. An impeccable dresser, he has collected a celebrity following. The US director Francis Ford Coppola, who has Italian origins and owns a resort nearby, wore a tuxedo made by Inglese at a recent film festival, and the former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is a loyal customer.