Sophisticated jewelry dedicated to women who love to invent their own style

The Angela Caputi Giuggiù workshop is situated near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, in a historical building known as Palazzetto Mediceo. It is here that the Florentine artist with a long-standing passion for fashion has been designing her unique jewelry creations since 1975. Today, Angela Caputi’s custom-made jewelry designs have earned worldwide recognition. Internationally recognized, Angela Caputi designs are popular the world over for their distinct creativity and their timeless evolution.

Every detail—from unconventional shapes to unique lines paired with a playful palette of rich colors—is meticulously researched and thoughtfully designed by the artist. Each piece is handcrafted using an Italian synthetic resin which mimics natural materials such as ivory, onyx, turquoise, tortoise shell, coral, and amber. The result, a one-of-a- kind work of art; a manifestation of eternity and femininity expressed through modern materials mixed with traditional craftsmanship. Angela Caputi creations are considered both haute couture fashion and art. Her jewelry can be found in some of the most prestigious museums in the world.

They have been displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, during a Rara Avis Exhibition dedicated to the collection of Iris Barrel Apfel. Recently, select pieces have also been included in the permanent collections of the Silver Artifacts Museum and the Museum of Costume and Fashion at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The highly distinctive designs are also sought after by costume designers for TV and film. The bold pieces pair perfectly with ensembles made for the stage. Eccentric yet refined, Angela Caputi jewelry attracts attention not only for its creativity, but for its robust designs and its ability to translate the long-standing values of distinguished jewelry craftsmanship into modern artifacts that promote Italian culture and elegance throughout the world.

Angela Caputi’s internationally acclaimed brand, Giuggiù, features bold pieces crafted to look like coral or faceted beads or sea creatures. Her bright and chunky items are currently found on the arms of some of the world’s most fashionable women. Rigorous geometric shapes softened by bright colors and spirited lines combine for hallmark creations that stand out. Vibrant feminine shapes that make a statement without saying a word. Symbols of authentic creativity that come to life in the visual rhythm of each piece.

This is particularly clear in her impressive necklaces made of twisted wires dotted with seahorses and starfish, in her brilliant bangles laden with tiny crabs or exotic elephants, and in her whimsical earrings dripping with red corals, lucky horns, and delicate leaves. The traditional craftsmanship and original designs give voice to the modern materials, where every unique combination of shapes and colors creates a dialogue with women, between women. Jewelry that goes beyond the mere function of embellishment and becomes a statement, a form of seductive communication in the life of the person who wears it.