The neapolitan handmade leather goods specialist

Andrea Cardone launched his namesake label in 2006. His dream was 50 years in the making. As a boy, he used to watch his father and grandfather as they worked their way through the workshops in Naples. Their story is part of what has made Italy famous all over the world. A dream that is rendered in each creation, giving shape to the skills of Neapolitan artisans, by consistently renewing a tradition for creating products that are elegant, modern and defined by a commitment to quality.

Throughout their apprenticeship, each craftsman dedicates his or her labor on a daily basis, exercising their keen eye for detail, perfecting their handiwork in the tradition of the masters of Neapolitan craft. The collection is an expression of impeccable design and elegance. With striking color choices that offer a range of handbags in bright, statement making pops of color, to muted, everyday shades that can be paired with any outfit. The fine quality of the leather in these collections of women’s handbags and accessories defines what makes Made in Italy so unique. Each item undergoes a specific product development process, and is evaluated and crafted to the exacting standards of Italian knowhow.

The colorful range is inspired by the city’s plethora of vibrant hues, which come to life in the fine, fragrant leathers that are so supple to the touch. The passion and precision of each signature item represents Italy’s dedication to the artistry of Neapolitan craft. Owning an Andrea Cardone handbag is an expression of style, a choice that’s synonymous with status and personality. Steeped in the belief that innovation and tradition are complimentary, every leather handbag and accessory offers the right combination of color, elegance, and design. Selecting a handbag is an act designed to compliment and expresses one’s personality.

It’s practicality, function, role in holding a woman’s secrets, is reflected in the choice of color, and style, be it modern or vintage. The range is as infinite and as varied as a woman’s universe. Andrea Cardone’s designs are easily identifiable in their use of fine lines, basic structure, and strikingly modern and professional appeal. Quality is paired with functionality, like the professionals who seek out this line of beautiful handbags their execution aims to compliment a woman’s role in everyday life. In addition to handbags and accessories, Andrea Cardone offers a range of leather helmets for motorbike and scooter lovers.

Handcrafted to combine quality and style, with guaranteed protection, each helmet is created following the requirements of the EU’s safety regulations. Copious research guarantees that the helmets serve function by complementing one’s personality. The styles vary from minimal to more distinctive which Andrea Cardone skewes to meet the tastes of his female client base. In addition to serving motoring aficionados, the brand also caters to pool players, offering bespoke leather carriers.