Historic maison for chic fashion devotees

Amina Rubinacci was founded in Naples in 1970. Long admired for its sartorial heritage and impeccable elegance, Naples is a city with an endless appeal that’s borne the test of time. Amina Rubinacci has wool in her genes — her father earned his reputation as a tailor to aristocrats, spearheading a tradition that’s been passed on to the next generation. At a young age Amina took up knitting as a hobby, and discovered the power of creating something with her hands. Over time her craft became a passion, a romantic calling that allowed her to develop her extraordinary skills.

She apprenticed in Paris for famous designers, like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Chanel, earning a reputation as the “Queen of Knitwear.” Like many family owned businesses in Italy, this namesake brand has stayed true to its roots and commitment to tailored and versatile ready to wear, made from the finest fabrics. Amina’s “thread of elegance” takes its inspiration from the city’s horizon line, where sea and sky seem to merge without blending. She interprets this vision of purity and clarity to animate her subtle approach to style. Amina Rubinacci’s collections are rooted in a traditional approach to innovation. Her designs are delicate, determined, with an element of whimsy that’s both fascinating and functional.

In true Made in Italy style, Amina Rubinacci pays homage to the city’s dynamic essence, to the bustling streets and the grandeur of that sea and sky, by creating collections that have a timeless appeal. Her beautiful designs honor the company’s commitment to continuous research and impeccable craft, so that every stitch is planned and executed to emphasize the qualities and skills rooted in her Italian identity. Feminine and versatile, the collection offers women a wide range of options — from separates to knitted suits, to fur lined outerwear, to fashionable takes on classic knitwear that add an element of seduction to a look.

Natural colors are juxtaposed with pops of red and blood orange, evidencing a passionate approach to ready to wear. Supple accessories complete each look, to highlight the Amina Rubinacci woman’s global interpretation of this Made in Italy gem. Over the years Amina Rubinacci has grown and expanded her business across continents. Her collections are available through her own boutiques and through a network of well-known wholesale retailers. Her boutiques in Charlotte, Palm Beach, Greenwich CT, Washington DC and Portland are a welcome addition to the US, helping to grow her reputation as the go to designer for elegant and supple looks that are versatile and timeless.

Her monochromatic palette is gentle on the eye and modeled to flatter the body, innate qualities that are the result of the company’s diligent approach to patterns and construction. Skills earned over a lifetime of perfecting a craft paired to a rigorous control of each aspect of the production process. With wool as its signature, Amina Rubinacci’s reverence for natural yarns emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainable materials that embellish a woman’s silhouette while empowering her sense of personal style and confidence.