Eclectic hats and caps for dapper gentlemen

Founded by Luciana Fazio, Emila-Romagna based Ama Pure began producing scarves and home textiles for well known international fashion brands in 2010. After a long career as a Product Manager in the retail sector, Luciana Fazio knew that the provenance of textiles and yarns was often not as pure as the label suggested. It was this impetus that drove her to launch Ama Pure. As the name suggests, her intention was to use the best raw materials, which she traveled to Mongolia and China to appraise and source, hand selecting the best cashmere and silk fibers in the world.

Under the careful supervision of Luciana Fazio, whose exceptional expertise and attention to detail she likens to creating wearable art, Ama Pure’s credible identity quickly helped expand the brand’s notoriety. Bolstered by the skills of expert craftsmen, and the use of sustainable traditional techniques, with yarns woven on traditional looms and finished by hand, this jewel in the making follows in the footsteps of the best Made in Italy tradition. When her son Gian Marco Tavani joined the company in 2016, they expanded the offering to include a range of accessories, all Made in Italy from 100% cashmere and Merino wool.

Like mother, like son, Tavani’s former career was rooted in a broad experience for the most reputable American fashion groups, where he became Regional Manager, traveling between Milan, San Francisco, Paris, London, and Monte Carlo. Today he is the Development Director at Ama Pure, contributing innovative strategies to the company’s continued expansion and focused vision. The pursuit of quality is at the heart of Ama Pure. And that always starts with raw materials, specifically their provenance, and rarity.

Over the years, the company developed an even greater knowledge and savoir-faire of how to work with silk, pure wool, linen, and cashmere, so revered for its soft and luxurious fibers. In the hands of expert hands, which pride themselves in retracing and following in the tradition of Italy’s best craftsmen, the line of products Ama Pure brings to market are exceptional. All Ama Pure pieces are exclusively made-by-hand in Italy. They undergo a rigorous control process executed throughout the manufacturing, addressing any necessary changes in order to achieve the highest level of quality.

Deeply connected to natural resources and committed to preserving the environment, the company prides itself on using natural plant pigments and artisanal dyes for each fabric, combining traditional craftsmanship with the most technological advanced dyeing methods. Distinguished by unique and numerous design options, 120 graphics speak to the contemporary and eclectic style of each piece, with quality as a constant. In addition to ready to wear, Ama Pure offers an extraordinary customization service through their Private Label service to cater to the tastes of the most exacting and refined customers. Drawing inspiration from the world of travel and achievement in the arts and nature, to consistently encourage exceptional performance in the pursuit of quality, integrity, and excellence.