Modern everyday looks for the daring woman

Alessio Bardelle is a women’s ready to wear brand based in Verona and Milan. Highlighting the multitalented and creative scope of Italy’s designers, this namesake brand offers an original take on style in Made in Italy’s true tradition of beauty and innovation. Rooted in a contemporary aesthetic, the range of seductive looks in each collection, highlight the essential value of elegance and quality that inspire the designer and his muse. Modeled for a cultivated woman who doesn’t shy away from expressing her innate personality, Alessio Bardelle draws inspiration from a timeless approach to form. The designer’s craft is a skill that he works into supple geometries that illuminate a woman’s desire to stand out and captivate. His vision is as minimalist as it is dramatic, placing the emphasis on the woman and not the brand.

With an eye on the ethics of design and the important role technology plays in constructing a garment, materials are the common thread in the sculpting of each collection. By combining high quality materials and working them into designs that provide a sense of freedom and comfort, Alessio Bardelle brings energy to his vision with a clear focus and appeal. Italy’s long celebrated approach to art and costume is deconstructed here to capture the distilled essence of its heritage.

Each collection explores the narrative and nuanced identity of a woman’s femininity. Seductive and amusing, the Alessio Bardelle woman is casual and elegant, original in her interpretation of modernity. Determined and romantic, she is open to exploring international trends while staying rooted in her Italian essence. Confident in her spontaneity and easy glamour, she brings a light touch to street style and her approach to urban expression. Alessio Bardelle’s woman savors her privacy and the intimate relationship she enjoys with herself. She craves stolen moments that allow her to experiment with different identities.

The rigor in the designs pays homage to a woman’s sensitivity. This is a designer who understands a woman’s strength and fragility and the importance design plays in striking that balance. The use of volume and color is unique in its capacity to transform shapes and allow the wearer to display the expanse and rigor she is drawn to in the moment. At times cloistered in a self-reflective cloak of fabric with unexpected folds, surprising tucks and cinched waists, she, like her clothes, defies definition.

In a more sinuous approach, a horizontal stripe models curves that shape shift into a vertical reach. The Alessio Bardelle woman is birdlike and sculptural, static and fluid. The use of exquisite materials and the meticulous tailoring allow for that freedom and scope to exhibit the designer’s true mastery of his craft. In a play of weights and drapes, each choice this designer makes, pays homage to creativity and the essence of true femininity.