Smart Italian menswear and accessories for uncompromising men

Founded in 1965, 40 Colori is a unique concept retailer specialized in producing and bringing to market small drops of ready to wear clothing and accessories through a small and sustainable stock. 40 Colori also offers customization through the company’s Made to Order and Made to Measure services, guaranteeing that each garment is ethically crafted in Italy by skilled artisans who execute orders without compromising on quality and creating waste. In essence the company creates smart menswear and accessories that are beautifully crafted with quality, durability and sustainability in mind. In the tradition of Made in Italy, 40 Colori relies on dedicated artisans, and small-scale producers who are masters of their craft.

By combining the skill set of Italy’s regional small workshops and multi generational talent for impeccable craft, with the family’s state of the art facility, 40 Colori offers an artisanal, bold and ethical approach to fashion that’s as colorful as it is innovative. Beginning in 2014, with the family workshop in Como and a team of 8 fellow Italian artisans and craftsmen, all eager to showcase their respective talents, the company diversified to create special departments dedicated to individual services. Bound by a commitment to interpreting fashion through their traditional skills and an eye toward innovation, 40 Colori’s talented principals traveled throughout Italy, visiting mills and merchants to find the best fabrics and natural yarns for each season. The first of the family’s leading 8 artisans is Giuseppe, who specializes in creating ties, bow ties, pocket squares, printed scarves, and neckerchiefs in the same workshop his grandparents founded in Como in 1965.

Each finished product is of very high quality; the family relies on using superior locally sourced materials and traditional manufacturing techniques that have been mastered over many years. Furthermore, 40 Colori prides itself on using their own exclusive patterns and minimizing waste. Countless details are part of the rigorous process, which is mirrored in Maurizio’s knitwear skills, in the workshop he oversees near Reggio Emilia, a distance away. His offering includes scarves, beanies and jacquard knitted ties, singlehandedly monitoring the production process, from start to finish. With 5 different knitting machines, Maurizio is able to create many different patterns and textures, making the most of technological advances to ensure the products are flawless.

Roby oversees the production of socks, in another location in Brescia. Each member of his family contributes to creating these high quality accessories, all made by 22 different machines and closed by hand, minimizing energy consumption and emphasizing precision. Gianni is the leather specialist, and produces braces in his workshop outside Milan. Giovanna is one of the two tailors in the group, she single handedly hand crafts all the waistcoats in the family workshop. The other is Maurizio, who works close to Arezzo, in Tuscany and creates deconstructed, lightweight everyday jackets as well as trousers. Angelo is the shirt maker, from Sicily, where he employs 26 artisans who are individually specialized in each aspect of the craft.

Annamaria’s talent is knitwear, and together with her husband they are based outside Como. All the artisans in 40 Colori’s workshops have perfected their skills over a lifetime. Combining tradition with technological advancements to ensure each offer in this unique consortium is sustainable, attractive, and of superior quality.