3JUIN is a new brand of footwear that echoes the change in consumer habits by leveraging three main objectives in the brand’s mission: innovation, craftsmanship and taking a more sustainable approach to the brand’s creation. Founded by three young women, the 3JUIN collection is modern punchy, yet simultaneously sensual. Our brand brings to life a new dimension of femininity fueled by emotion, simplicity and color.

3Juin Campaign 01
3Juin Campaign 02


3JUIN is built on a foundation of careful research into our production materials and an ever-playful, creative experimentation with new shapes rooted in minimalism. We make it our challenge to rework the style codes of traditional elegance delivering fresh cult followings and a new take on basic chic.


Each model in our collection bears a woman’s name or the name of a flower. Each name is chosen for its significance and ability to represent many aspects of the wearer’s personality at once. No woman is every one thing at one time: she is both strong and sensual. Each style and its inspiration purposefully embody the idea of ‘rebirth’ – a springtime that blooms and reawakens our senses, and the hope and excitement of something new. Our footwear readies her by sharing and inspiring drive, freshness and passion.